Why Should I Bulk Buy Recyclable Bags?

Why Should I Bulk Buy Recyclable Bags?

Variety is the keyword when it comes to our approach to wholesale recycled paper bags. In today’s climate, the demand is for recycled bags is high due to the more eco-conscious understanding embedded in us as consumers. That’s why we’ve focused on supplying high quality recycled paper bags that range from matching counter bags for smaller items to complimentary recycled satin tissue paper and more, all at a discount price when you make a purchase commonly called a ‘bulk buy’.

Brand Recognition

An added benefit of us providing such a wide array of styles, colours and design choices is that you can nab a bag suited to your specific retailers without having to scour the internet. We sell wholesale recycled paper bags in a host of colours ranging from the classic red or blue, to the instantly recognisable ivory and purple heather so your brand recognition is easy to achieve with our bags. Consistency is important even down to the bags your shoppers carry around as your brand image is key to how you are perceived, and colours have associations that carry different meanings. As a specialised bag company, we can provide a wide range of sizes regarding our bags too, allowing you to choose the same colour and branding, irrespective of the size of the bags.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

It's important to mention that we use factories with an eco-friendly rating as they conserve natural resources, so not only is the bag recyclable, but it has also been made from environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Water-based colours and coatings are incorporated into their processes, as well as paper from sustainable forestry and low emissions, so no matter which colour you opt for when ordering wholesale recycled paper bags, they will always be ‘green’.

Big Brown Carrier Bag

If you have any questions regarding our wholesale recycled paper bags, contact us today on 01404 758664. Alternatively, you can email info@bigbrowncarrierbag.co.uk and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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