Collection: Wholesale Bags

For wholesale paper bags, choose from our new and popular recycled luxury bags, complimentary recycled satin tissue paper, or coloured carriers and matching counter bags for those smaller items. In addition to our coloured recyclable carrier bags are sturdy fashionable bags, paired with stylish twisted paper handles. Colours span from fresh white to shades of magenta, black, red, green, blue, gold, silver, ivory, pink, aquamarine, purple heather, lime green, orange, and light blue. Simply click on a category below for further information.

Offering great value for money and a vast array of different colour options, our wholesale recyclable carriers are perfect for a wide variety of different retailers. Crafted from sturdy recyclable paper, with stylish twisted paper handles, the entire bag can be recycled. We use factories that conserve natural resources, reduce emissions, invest into energy efficiency, process paper from sustainable forestry, recycle waste and implement water-based colours and coatings. This ensures these are an ideal choice for retailers looking to emphasise their green credentials. These recyclable carriers are available in various sizes. This variety allows continuity of packing options for retailers, giving customers the same colour of bag, whatever the size of product they buy. As they are all crafted from sustainable paper sources, these bags are perfect for those looking to add their own branding to our environmentally friendly packing options, with the colours standing out among the crowd and giving your store's name easy recognition in your local market. This wealth of choice means that it is easy for retailers to find the perfect colour (or colours) that best suit their branding, again allowing for consistency throughout. Sturdy and strong, our coloured recyclable carriers are suitable for a whole host of uses, from clothing stores to delis, gift retailers to museums, and schools to universities. Their attractive design will appeal to shoppers, and they are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags with the ability to be recycled far more easily, and to be reused by the consumer.

At Big Brown Carrier Bag, we offer you the chance to print these great wholesale bags with your choice of branding, logo, or other design, offering you a high quality, attractive and eco-friendly option for your retail store or business. For wholesale paper bags, choose Big Brown Carrier Bag.