Collection: Recycled & Eco Friendly Bags

Reusable, Sustainable and Recycled Bags.

Our eco-friendly carrier bags and tissue paper include 100% recycled and fully sustainable products, together with jute, natural and organic cotton bags for life. All products are recyclable or reusable and available with options to custom print your own design on your recycled bag.

Save the planet and money at the same time with one of our reusable, eco-friendly products. These fully recyclable bags and tissue paper are an environmentally friendly and fully sustainable choice, a brilliant alternative to plastic. Bags to be reused with no environmental guilt!

We have a large range of recycled bags to fit every need, including a selection of natural, eco-friendly cotton and jute bags for life, which are designed to be sturdy and strong enough to be used regularly - and come in a wide range of colours. These can be plain, or printed with your logo or design, making them ideal for giveaways and conferences. We also offer a range of luxury recycled carriers, which can hold items up to 10kg, and have a fashionable, luxurious finish.

For high-quality recycled carrier bags that won’t prick at your conscience, buy from Big Brown Carrier Bag today!