Why Choose Kraft Paper Bags?

Why Choose Kraft Paper Bags?

With kraft paper being constructed from sustainable wood pulp, kraft paper bags provide a sustainable option for a variety of packaging uses. Particularly suitable for small businesses searching for a simple way to reduce their environmental impact, there are a number of other benefits to kraft paper carriers – including their versatility, durability, and low price. At Big Brown Carrier Bag, we’re passionate about providing high-quality and sustainable paper bags to our customers across the country, with our Kraft bags being no exception to this. Here are some of our top reasons to select kraft bags for your needs:

Durable & Versatile

The durability and longevity of kraft paper bags is a significant advantage, particularly when compared to any plastic counterparts. While single use plastic carriers are vulnerable to tearing, these recyclable bags are crafted from sturdy kraft paper and offer exceptional versatility – with uses for food products, baked goods, clothing, and other gifts.

Reduce Your Small Business’ Carbon Footprint

Additionally, kraft paper bags are fully recyclable, which makes them an easy choice for businesses that want to improve their green credentials. Made from wood pulp sourced from renewable forests, kraft paper is sustainable as it can be recycled, but will also decompose naturally.

A Range of Branding Options

For small businesses trying to improve your branding, kraft paper bags are an ideal option. Your choice of logo, branding, and other marketing designs can be printed on your chosen bags to boost brand awareness and attract potential customers. Select our custom paper bag printing service to see our full scope of options.

Order Kraft Bags Online

Whether you’re searching for block bottom paper bags for your gift store, takeaway and patisserie paper bags for food retailing, or versatile twisted handle paper bags, our collection of Kraft bags have you covered. With bulk buy options available across our entire range, browse and purchase from our online collections today, or contact our team at info@bigbrowncarrierbag.co.uk for more information.

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