Transforming Recycled Paper into Luxury Bags

Transforming Recycled Paper into Luxury Bags

An ethical approach to business is at the heart of Big Brown Carrier Bag. Being suppliers of paper bag carriers to businesses and individuals across the UK means we are in a position to further help promote this ethos beyond the boundaries of our offices and personal practice. We provide luxury recycled paper bags as a way for our customers to carry this message forward to consumers everywhere. For paper carrier sustainability, look no further than luxury recycled carriers from Big Brown Carrier Bag.

Our bag printing service allows these businesses to ensure that they don’t have to withhold branding or personalised designs just because they’re going green, and as we know: a little bit of extra luxury goes a long way. Allowing you to print in block or multi-colour provides you with the freedom to transform luxury paper carriers and more

Even if the paper bags you purchase haven’t previously been recycled, we urge everyone to do so instead of simply throwing them away (but reusing is always best, especially with our sturdier paper bag carriers)!

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