The Differences Between Types of Paper Bag Handles

The Differences Between Types of Paper Bag Handles

For businesses that want to avoid single-use plastic, paper bags are a perfect alternative. Not only do they have a more of a premium look and feel, but they also offer a better printing surface than plastic, meaning that your bags can be customised to suit you. Here at Big Brown Carrier Bag, we offer a wide selection of paper bags to suit any business or occasion. As well as offering printing and a range of colours, our bags also have different handle options that can be selected. These handles not only impact the look of the bag, but also the carrying capacity. Here, we’ve summarised three of our most popular types of handles, to make it easier for you to select your choice:

Twisted Handles

As one of the most popular choice bags for gift shops and independent businesses, our Twisted Handle Paper Bags are extremely sturdy yet elegant. With a rigid structure, twisted paper handles have a rope-like appearance which enables the handles to maintain their shape. The twisting process also increases the strength of the handles, allowing customers to carry heavier loads. Choose from 16 colours and opt for our printing services to customise your twisted handle bags.

Taped Handles

As suggested by the name, these paper handles have a tape-like shape, and can be attached to bags both externally and internally. All of our Takeaway Bags feature taped handles, as they are ideal for carrying food in a single use. With our external taped handle bags, the entire handle remains visible. In comparison to this, internal taped handles are attached to the inner walls of the bag, meaning that the joint between handle and bag cannot be seen. Whichever type of taped handle bag you opt for, we can also offer printing services to suit your needs.

Rope Handles

Commonly used in shops that sell luxury items, rope handle bags have a premium finish to them. As ropes are much stronger than paper, these types of boutique bags are also more suited to carry greater loads. If your business is going for a high-end feel, opt for our Boutique Carrier Bags, available in a range of sizes and colours, or give your customers an extra special finishing touch with our Rope & Ribbon Carrier Bags.

Make Your Bag Selection

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