Reusable Bags vs Recyclable Paper Bags

Reusable Bags vs Recyclable Paper Bags

Across the world, there are countless measures being made to reduce the damaging impact that single use plastics have on the environment. From removing plastic waste in the oceans, to eradicating microplastics out of cosmetics, many organisations are trying to help in the battle to reduce climate change. But what can your retail business do? An easy step to make is switching your packaging from plastic, to reusable cotton bags or recyclable paper bags. Here, we’ve outlined the advantages to both options, to help you in making your selection of wholesale bags.

Printed Recyclable Paper Bags

If you’re searching for a sustainable yet economical way to package your goods for customers, recyclable paper bags are a great option. With a choice of 3 different sizes and 16 different colours to choose from, our twisted handle paper bags are a popular choice for retail businesses including gift shops and fashion outlets. Crafted from sturdy, recycled paper, our extensive collection of wholesale paper bags also includes takeaway bags, boutique carrier bags, and wine bags. For additional personalisation, opt for our custom paper bag printing service to make your packaging stand out.

Reusable Cotton & Jute Bags

As an alternative option, we offer a wide range of reusable bags, made from eco-friendly cotton. These bags for life are more durable than their paper counterparts, and can be used to contain heavier goods – making them perfect for retail businesses selling larger items. Reusable cotton bags are also popular for organisations looking to promote their product, service or event, with high-quality tote bag printing available across all of our reusable bags range.

Make Your Selection

Here at Big Brown Carrier Bag, we offer an extensive range of stylish carrier bags, all manufactured with an ecological approach to materials and assembly. Browse our online store today to choose the recyclable paper bags or reusable bags that suit your needs. To speak to our helpful advisors, email or call us on 01404 758664.

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