Invite Nostalgia with Candy Stripe Bags

Invite Nostalgia with Candy Stripe Bags

A core childhood memory embedded in every individual’s mind is the feeling of picking out penny sweets – now commonly known as ‘pic’n’mix’, from the post office or corner shop, before popping them in colourful, stripey paper counter bags. The design and the colour of the bag is very important to a child as it forms part of the experience of picking their favourite sweets out and holding their bag of treats with pride. Every child has a favourite colour, and the shade of the stripes on their sweet containing carrier counter bag might just be it!

As adults, branding is no less important. We might not obsess over our favourite colours (although most people have one) but we are still drawn to aesthetically pleasing designs and shades, even in something as specific as counter bags. Trends come around again in cycles, so where once the ‘red candy stripe counter bags’ might have seemed old-fashioned, they now portray a nostalgic appeal – taking the person holding the little bag back to their childhood trips to the ‘sweet shop’ to pick out a milk bottle or a drumstick. This is mostly subconscious, but the feeling of familiarity classic designs create resonate with shoppers and also mark out a retailer as being trustworthy and well-liked.

In colours such as grey, gold, red, pink and so on, the array of pick’n’mix counter bags we have in stock in our online shop gives you plenty of choice regarding subtle nuance in design and which of our bags would be the most appropriate size. This is a deliberate sway towards variety on our part, as we prioritise giving you as much choice as possible to ensure you can assert your branding and keep it consistent with the message you want to convey.

Big Brown Carrier Bag

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