Colourful Counter Bags

Colourful Counter Bags

At Big Brown Paper Bags, we are home to a selection of paper counter bags that are suitable for a selection of businesses. Our range includes everything from Pic ‘n’ Mix Bags to Greaseproof Bags, Block Bottom Bags to Colourful Counter Bags. All our bags are selected for quality and practicality and are, of course, recyclable. These paper counter bags, including our sulphite bags, are often considered the best fit for a number of purposes, and this is why clients continually return to us to fulfil their orders.

Sulphite Bags

Our range of sulphite bags meet the needs and requirements of a plethora of practical uses for businesses including grocery stores, bakeries, fruit and veg venders, and more. These bags are versatile and appropriate.

Other Products

As well as our sulphite bags and other colourful counter bags, we offer a plethora of paper bags on our online shop. These bags range from luxury recycled bags to rope and ribbon bags, to candy stripe carriers and more. All of our products come with the same high standard of customer service and order fulfilment, lending to our reputation as a trusted supplier of paper bags in the UK since our founding in 2005.

Big Brown Carrier Bag

To get in touch about any of our products, simply contact us on 01404 758664 or today.

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