3 Benefits of Large Paper Bags

3 Benefits of Large Paper Bags

In today’s climate, large paper bags are a sound investment. Trends, brand recognition and the ability to charge extra are all good summarisations of why you want to print your logo onto large paper bags but this blog goes into a little more detail so you can make the best decision.

In Vogue

Size matters. There are still sizes to choose from in our large paper bags range that let you specify the exact measurement that suit your product without it appearing too large, but as a general rule of thumb, it is better to allow for a bigger bag. Nowadays, the 90s revival in the fashion world and the rule of the tote bag has led to larger bags enjoying their time in the spotlight, so the likelihood of people wanting to carry them publicly has risen. Simply put, large paper bags are cool.

Advertisement Opportunities

Not only does this then subconsciously influence the desire of people to want to be given a large paper bag to carry around town, but it also provides more advertising opportunities for your brand. Luxury gifts, toiletries, accessories and jewelleries all sit well within large paper bags of the appropriate colour for your brand.


When the carrier bag charge was first introduced, prices were low and carrier bags were plentiful. Nowadays, the bags available are often large paper bags that cost more due to their size. The correlation between product size and paper bag size has changed in public perception as a result, so if you want to embolden your design or brand on a large paper bag for more effect, it will be met with easy acceptance as the way we view and use bags has changed.

Big Brown Carrier Bag

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